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The Good Side of Procrastination

We’ve all been there. Having that one task that we know we need to do, but we just can’t seem to start it. You ask, what’s the good side? Well, the fact that what we couldn’t do in days is done within minutes to hours… lol We usually put it off until later, and then later, […]

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The One Mistake That’s Holding You Back from Success

In times where every second Instagram ad is shouting at your face, claiming to make you a fortune, how and why are most of us not successful?! The question is valid. For if it weren’t, you wouldn’t be here spending your precious time reading a blog. Rather, you’d be managing your successful endeavor. And maybe […]

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$12 Per Month. That’s Where I Started. Funny. Isn’t It?

$12. For the whole month? Yes. Makes me smile thinking of that phase as I write this. A slow start but it’s been an epic journey so far! So… The first question that I myself wanna answer is — Why the hell would I work for such a shitty pay? The way I look at […]

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