$12 Per Month. That’s Where I Started. Funny. Isn’t It?

$12. For the whole month? Yes.

Makes me smile thinking of that phase as I write this. A slow start but it’s been an epic journey so far!


The first question that I myself wanna answer is — Why the hell would I work for such a shitty pay?

The way I look at it, those $12 weren’t my pay. Rather they were just an adrenaline boost to keep going on.


I knew what I was doing. I knew it added value to businesses.

But what I didn’t know was, how desperately businesses needed a good copy. How good copy could exponentially increase sales? And how good copy can literally build a brand?

In short, I didn’t know the exact value (specificity) I was bringing to the table. And that’s why I was selling myself short. Legit for pennies, but okay 🙂

Why you looking at me, Shrugging GIF

You don’t learn to swim the moment you enter the pool. And I was just starting off as a noob in the Copywriting ocean. But the necessary catching up was done!

And here’s why I am saying this to you.

Because, even when I knew how I was helping businesses, I wasn’t able to charge clients hefty sums.


Well, I bet we all face this and that’s why I’m writing this today.


That pessimistic self of us that triggers us to think…

Is it alright to charge that much?
Am I actually providing good value?
Am I good enough and capable of it?

Well, it’s natural. Trust me. I mean, forget trusting me. You know that voice in you!

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But it’s easy to beat that!

Okay, not sooo easy. But nothing good is easy. Isn’t it? But the results? Worth it!

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was on a coaching call with one of Dan Lok’s copywriters. And if you don’t know, Dan Lok is one of the most successful copywriters in the world.

And he told me about proof of concept. Now this blew my mind.

Because this is very natural and all of us do it, just without realizing it. But just consciously doing it can do wonders.

He said this and it stuck with me…

“A millionaire was never a millionaire when he wanted to be a millionaire. They only became a millionaire because they tried X amount of things. Got a breakthrough. Found proof of concept. Replicated it. And built their business around it!”

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It’s legit proof of concept

Without proof of concept, we’re unsure, and our confidence, wavering. But once you do something, you can do it again. And again. And again.

The first million is gonna be tough. But the second, not so much. Third? Comparatively easier. Fourth? Now you’re building a habit. (a great one though)

And the more proof of concept you collect, the more confident you get!

The easier it becomes to charge high prices for your work. Because you now have sound knowledge that your copy/craft works!

Take me for example. I knew I was bringing value. But I had no proof of concept to say I added X amount of revenue to Y’s business. The specificity also matters. But it builds on proof of concept!

The moment I figured out my copy helped make more than 25 grand a month for one of my clients, my value was completely different. The way I charged absolutely changed!

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What’s the takeaway from all this?

Document whatever you do, and study people who have proof of concept. That way you build your own share of evidence to charge good sums.

Secondly, no matter $12 per month or even free, START! You’ll never be ready to be a millionaire. Just start, and you’ll figure out the rest on the go.

Last, think of more than what you can do. Remember, you’re never ready for it. But you can absolutely push through and achieve it once you start, but only if you visualize it at first!

That’s it for the $12 I started with. (lol) But if it interests you, here’s something you’d also like — It’s You vs Social Media. And This is How…

Until next week, with proof of concept and lots of confidence, Champ!

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